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Seinfeld Trivia

Welcome to the premier Seinfeld Trivia site on the Internet. This site is a complete and comprehensive anthology of the Seinfeld sitcom hit TV series. On this site, you will find a challenging (and totally original) Seinfeld Trivia Test that allows you to test your knowledge of the intricacies of the Seinfeld hit TV series. Your Seinfled Trivia score will be matched with others that take the test, to rate your relative knowledge of show material, and dictate whether you are a Seinfeld Trivia expert or not. Additionally, on this site, you will find history of the Seinfeld TV show, Seinfeld cast member biographies, and a complete description of every Seinfeld episode, Further, you will find links to the best prices in the world for purchasing the Seinfeld DVD collection, Seinfeld posters, and other Seinfeld gifts, paraphernalia, and accessories.
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