Seinfeld Episodes

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Seinfeld Episodes

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Here is a concise description of each of the 180 Seinfeld Episodes that aired on originally between 1989 - 1998:

Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
1 Pilot The Seinfeld Chronicles 7/5/1989 Claire, Laura Jerry allows a girl he meets on the road to stay with him when she visits NY. Everything is going well for him until he finds out that she is engaged.
2 1 The Stakeout 5/31/1990 Morty, Helen, Vanessa, Pamela, Roger, Artie Levine, Uncle Mac, Carol Jerry meets a girl at a party that he and Elaine go to, and he and George subsequently wind up staking out the building where she works, so Jerry can meet her again.
3 1 The Robbery 6/7/1990 Larry, Diane Jerry's apartment gets robbed, so Jerry looks to move into an apartment that George, a real estate agent, shows him. Kramer searches for the missing property, since he left Jerry's door open, and was repsonsible for the robbery.
4 1 Male Unbonding 6/14/1990 Joel Jerry tries his best to rid himself of an obnoxious childhood friend. George has trouble with a new relationship. Kramer considers a make-your-own-pizza business venture.
5 1 The Stock Tip 6/21/1990 Vanessa Jerry invests in a stock tip that George gets some insider information on. Jerry goes away for the weekend with Vanessa. Elaine is allergic to her boyfriend's cats.
6 2 The Ex-Girlfirend 1/23/1991 Marlene Jerry starts dating a girl that George has just broken up with. Elaine's relationship with a man in her building degenerates.
7 2 The Pony Remark 1/30/1991 Manya, Helen, Morty, Uncle Leo, Isaac Jerry makes a disparaging remark about ponies to a relative of his who adores them, and after she subsequently dies, Jerry wrestles with the decision of whether to go to her funeral or his Championship softball game.
8 2 The Jacket 2/6/1991 Alton Benes Jerry buys an exceedingly expensive suede jacket. Jerry and George meet Elaine and her father for dinner.
9 2 2/13/1991 The Phone Message Carol, Donna George leaves insensitive telephone messages for his new girlfriend, who he thinks is ignoring his attempts to reach out to her. Jerry and his girlfriend argue over a TV pants commercial.
10 2 4/4/1991 The Apartment Manny, Harold, Roxanne, Rita, Janice, Susie, Joanne, Stan Jerry tries to obtain the vacant apartment upstairs for Elaine, and then winds up regretting the decision. George looks to meet women by wearing a wedding band.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
11 2 The Statue 4/11/1991 Ray, Rava The boyfriend of an author friend of Elaine's, steals a statue in Jerry's apartment, when he is tasked to clean it.
12 2 The Revenge 4/18/1991 Levitan, Vic, Ava, Glenda, Dan, Greeny, Bill George plots his revenge against his old boss, after he quits his job since he is demoted to use the regular bathroom. Newman plans on jumping off the apartment building. Jerry suspects that his laundromat owner is a thief.
13 2 The Heart Attack 4/25/1991 Tor, Dr. Fein Thinking he's had a heart attack, George checks into a hospital. When diagnosed with a remedy of tonsil or adenoid removal, George opts to go to a holistic healer, recommended by Kramer.
14 2 The Deal 5/2/1991 Tina Jerry and Elaine ponder having a sexual relationship, despite their "friend" status.
15 2 The Baby Shower 5/16/1991 Leslie, Tabachnik, Mary Eleaine uses Jerry's apartment to throw a baby shower, for a girl that once dated George. Kramer convinces Jerry to get an illegal cable hook-up.
16 2 The Chinese Restaurant 5/23/1991 Bruce, Mr. Cohen, Lorraine Jerry, George, and Elaine go to a Chinese Restaurant, and have to wait for a table.
17 2 The Busboy 6/26/1991 Antonio, Eddie George inadvertently gets a busboy fired in a restaurant. In trying to rectify the situation, George compounds problems by losing the busboy's cat. Elaine desperately tries to rid herself of a male house guest.
18 3 The Note 9/18/1991 Pam, Lloyd, Julianna, Raymond, Billy Jerry illegally uses his Dentist friend to write a note to cover a physical therapy session. George is paranoid about having a male masseuse.
19 3 The Truth 9/25/1991 Patrice, Tina George hooks Jerry up for with his girlfriend, who works for the IRS, for tax audting purposes. Kramer dates Elaine's roommate.
20 3 The Pen 10/2/1991 Morty, Helen, Uncle Leo, Jack Klompus, Evelyn, Stella Elaine accompanies Jerry on a trip to Florida to visit his parents.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
21 3 The Dog 10/9/1991 Gavin Jerry house-sits a dog, who belongs to a sick passenger that he sat next to on an airplane. George and Elaine struggle to communicate alone. Kramer attempts to break up with his girlfriend.
22 3 The Library 10/16/1991 Bookman, Marion, Mr. Lippman, Sandy, Mr. Heyman Jerry is accused of having an overdue library book from 1971. George thinks his old gym teacher is a homeless man. Kramer makes his moves on a librarian. Elaine has publishing job worries.
23 3 The Parking Garage 10/30/1991 Michelle Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have trouble finding their car in a mall garage.
24 3 The Cafe 11/6/1991 Babu Bhatt, Monica Jerry attempts to help a small restaurant owner to gain more customers. George takes an IQ test that his girlfriend gives him. Kramer tries to keep his mohter's ex-boyfriend's jacket.
25 3 The Tape 11/13/1991 Ping, Beder George subscribes to a Chinese baldness cure treatment. Jerry is intrigued by a woman who leaves a message on his tape recorder, and talks dirty.
26 3 The Nose Job 11/20/1991 Audrey, Isabel George is dating a girl with a big nose. Jerry fights with himself over continuing his relationship with a voluptuous woman.
27 3 The Stranded 11/27/1991 Steve, Ava, Patti, Frank, Jenny, Roy, Gwen, Ellen Jerry and Elaine go to a party on Long Island with George, who leaves with a co-worker. The host of this party subsequently visits Jerry in the city.
28 3 The Alternate Side 12/4/1991 Sid, Owen March Jerry's car is stolen. Geroge picks up a job moving cars in a parking lot. Kramer gets a bit part in a Woody Allen film. Elaine's 66 year old boyfriend, falls ill.
29 3 The Red Dot 12/11/1991 Dick, Evie, Lippmann Jerry causes Elaine's boyfriend to resume drinking. Elaine gets George a job, so he reciprocates by buying her a sweater, which has a red dot on it.
30 3 The Subway 1/8/1992 None by name Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer each have independent subway adventures.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
31 3 The Pez Dispenser 1/15/1992 Noel, John, D'Giff, Ritchie, Roberta Jerry makes Elaine laugh at George's girlfriend's recital, with a Pez Dispenser. Jerry hosts a drug intervention at his apartment. Kramer joins the Polar Bears.
32 3 The Suicide 1/29/1992 Newman, Gina, Rula, Martin, Faithy Jerry's neighbor attempts a suicide. A psychic warns George to cancel his vacation. Elaine fasts before an X-Ray.
33 3 The Fix-Up 2/5/1992 Cynthia Jerry and Elaine fix-up George with one of Elaine's friends.
34 3 The Boyfriend (Part I) 2/12/1992 Keith Hernandez, Newman, Mrs. Sokol Jerry befriends baseball player Keith Hernandez. George schemes to extend his unemployment benefits.
35 3 The Boyfriend (Part 2) 2/12/1992 Keith Hernandez, Newman, Mrs. Sokol, Carrie, Carol, Roger McDowell, Michael George continues to scam the Unemployment office. Kramer and Jerry see a former neighbors' new baby. Elaine and Keith Hernandez start dating. Jerry doesn't want to help Keith Hernandez move.
36 3 The Limo 2/26/1992 Tim, Eva, Dan Jerry and George "hijack" a limo from an airport, and encounter a Neo-Nazi group.
37 3 The Good Samaritan 3/4/1992 Angela, Robin, Michael, Becky Gelke Jerry tracks down a hit-and-run driver and wants to date her. Later, he attempts to date another woman that he's always wanted to date. George has an affair with a friend of Elaine's. Kramer has convulsive reactions to Mary Hart's voice.
38 3 The Letter 3/25/1992 Nina, Leonard West, Mr. Armstrong, Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. Lippman Kramer poses for a painting done by Jerry's girlfriend. George feels obligated to buy a painting from her. Elaine gets chastised for wearing an Oriole's baseball cap at Yankee Stadium. Jerry finds out that his girlfriend is a plagiarist.
39 3 The Parking Space 2/4/1992 Newman, Mike Moffit, Sid, Maryedith, Sheila, Matthew Kramer tells Jerry that a mutual friend has called him a phony. After borrowing Jerry's car, she concocts a wild story to mask a noise that the car is making. George gets into a conflict with someone over a parking space.
40 3 The Keys 5/6/1992 Murphy Brown, Newman, Gucci Jerry revokes Kramer's key privilege, due to incessant barging in. Kramer heads for California to pursue an acting career. Elaine divulges a new writing career.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
41 4 The Trip (Part 1) 8/12/1992 Crobin Benson, George Wendt, Chelsea, Fred Savage, Lt. Martel, Helene, Lt. Coleman, Keith Morrison, Lupe George accompanies Jerry to a trip to L.A., and the Tonight Show, and they search for Kramer, who is also in L.A. auditioning for Hollywood parts.
42 4 The Trip (Part 2) 8/19/1992 Lt. Martel, Helene, Lt. Coleman, Tobias Lehigh Nagy, Keith Morrison Jerry and George vouch for Kramer's innocence for his "Smog Strangler" association.
43 4 The Pitch (Part 1) 9/16/1992 Newman, Russell Dalrimple, Susan, Crazy Joe Davola, Stu, Jay, Dr. Reston, Tommy George and Jerry attempt to come up with a sitcom series for NBC. George works on starting a relationship with an NBC executive.
44 4 The Ticket (Part 2) 9/16/1992 Newman, Russell Dalrimple, Susan, Uncle Leo, Dr. Reston, Jay, Stu NBC gives Jerry and George another meeting, and they wind up giving them the go-ahead for a pilot. Jerry throws out a watch that his parents gave him.
45 4 The Wallet (Part 1) 9/23/1992 Dr. Reston, Dr. Dembrow, Helen, Morty, Uncle Leo, Susan Jerry's parents visit because Morty needs to see a back specialist. George negotiates their deal with NBC. Elaine attempts to end her relationship with her psychiatrist.
46 4 The Watch (Part 2) 9/30/1992 Dr. Reston, Naomi, Cynthia, Morty, Helen, Russell, Uncle Leo, Susan, Crazy Joe Davola Jerry discusses his "repaired" watch with his folks over dinner. Elaine uses Kramer as her boyfriend, to end her relationship. George goes directly to the NBC president to get their pilot reinstated. Elaine meets a new man outside her psychiatrist's office.
47 4 The Bubble Boy 10/7/1992 Naomi, Mel, Donald, Susan Jerry, Elaine, and George go on a trip to Susan's log cabin. Jerry agrees to visit a sick fan (Bubble Boy) on his way to the cabin. Kramer and Naomi come up to the cabin late.
48 4 The Cheever Letters 10/28/1992 Henry Ross, Mrs. Ross, Sandra, Luis, Ricky Ross, Sara Ross, Susan Jerry and George start working on their NBC pilot. George and Susan reveal to her father that his log cabin has burned down, which reveals some shocking information. Kramer makes a deal at the Cuban Embassy.
49 4 The Opera 11/4/1992 Mr. Reichman, Mrs. Reichman, Crazy Joe Davola, Susan Crazy Joe Davola threatens Jerry. Elaine discovers the inner side of Crazy Joe Davola. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer attend the opera.
50 4 The Virgin 11/11/1992 Marla, Rita, Susan, Stu, Ping, Stacy, Jay, Carol Jerry and George struggle with their NBC pilot concept. Jerry dates a virgin. Elaine runs into a Chinese delivery boy.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
51 4 The Contest 11/18/1992 Marla, Joyce, Shelly, Estelle Costanza George's mother throws her back out after she catches George pleasuring himself. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer enter a contest to see who can hold out the longest in terms of gratifying themselves.
52 4 The Airport 11/25/1992 Tia, Grossbard Jerry gets to sit in First Class and Elaine in Coach, on a plane flight. George and Kramer go to the airport to pick them up.
53 4 The Pick 12/16/1992 Tia, Dana Foley, Calvin, Fre, Susan, Newman Elaine reveals some skin on a Christmas card. Jerry has a data with a model he met on an airplane. George attempts to reconcile with Susan. Kramer accuses Calvin Klen of stealing his fragrance idea.
54 4 The Movie 1/6/1993 Buckles, Kernis, Maurice Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer attempt to rendevous for a movie date.
55 4 The Visa 1/27/1993 Babu Bhatt, Cheryl, Ping George tries to impress a Chinese lawyer with his comedy. Kramer returns early from his baseball fantasy camp. Babu gets deported due to a mail mix-up. Elain is sued by a delivery boy that she hit.
56 4 The Shoes 2/4/1993 Dana Foley, Gail Cunningham, Molly, Russell Jerry and George struggle to keep their TV series alive.
57 4 The Outing 2/11/1993 Sharon, Allison, Scott, Helen, Morty, Estelle Jerry tries to prove to a reporter that he is not gay.
58 4 The Old Man 2/18/1993 Sid Fields, Ron, Ben Cantwell, Tim, Newman George, Jerry, and Elaine volunteer to help the elderly. Kramer and Newman go into business together selling old records.
59 4 The Implants 2/25/1993 Betsy, Dr. Allenwood, Sidra, Sal Bass Rushdie, Timmy, Aunt May, Father Jessup Jerry dumps his girlfriend after Elaine says that she has implants. George goes with his girlfriend to her Aunt's funeral.
60 4 The Junior Mints 3/18/1993 Roy Jerry forgets the name of his girlfriend. Elaine renews interest with an old boyfriend who has lost weight. Kramer and Jerry witness an operation.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
61 4 The Smelly Car 4/15/1993 Carl, Allison, Mona, Susan Jerry's car has a horrible smell in it. Elaine assumes the smell from Jerry's car. George discovers that Susan is a lesbian.
62 4 The Handicap Spot 5/13/1993 Frank, Ray, The Drake, Allison, Lula, Estelle, Frank The gang buys an engagement party present for The Drake. George gets his father's car trashed by parking in a handicapped spot. Kramer falls in love with a disabled woman.
63 4 The Pilot (Part 1) 5/20/1993 Melissa Shannon, Rita, Dana Foley, Stu, Fred, Jay, Mark, Paul, David, Russell, Crazy Joe Davola Jerry and George get the go-ahead to produce a pilot, which simulates their lives. The NBC president becomes obsessed with Elaine. Geroge becomes obsessed with a white discoloration on his lip, and someone who steals a box of raisins. Elaine thinks the local restaurant is discriminating in its hiring policies.
64 4 The Pilot (Part 2) 5/20/1993 Rita, Stu, Fred, Jay, Paul, Wilton, Allison, Sid, Marla, John-John, The Drake, Allison, Cheryl, Ping, Tia, Calvin, Sidra, Sal Bass Rushdie, Russell, Crazy Joe Davola, Susan, Morty, Helen, Newman Rehearsals for the pilot commence. Kramer has problems going to the bathroom. George receives the result of his biopsy.
65 5 The Mango 9/16/1993 Karen, Joe, Renee Kramer gets banned from a fruit store. Jerry asks to be initimate with Elaine to prove a point.
66 5 The Puffy Shirt 9/16/1993 Leslie, Bryant Gumbel, Elsa, Estelle, Frank George moves back with his parents, and gets a job as a hand model. Kramer's girlfriend, who is a clothes designer, somehow gets Jerry to wear a puffy pirate shirt on a TV show.
67 5 The Glasses 9/30/1993 Dwayne, Amy, Uncle Leo George gets discounted glasses through Kramer's friend. Elaine's fear of dogs is accentuated, after she is bitten by one.
68 5 The Sniffing Accountant 10/7/1993 Barry, Ellen, Newman, Farkus, Ralph, Jake, Mitch, Estelle, Frank, Lippman George's father gets George a job interview as a bra salesman. Everyone thinks Jerry's accountant uses drugs. Elaine's new boyfriend uses punctutation freely in his writing.
69 5 The Bris 10/14/1993 Mohel, Mrs. Sweedler, Stan, Myra Kramer believes that he's seen a "pig man". Elaine and Jerry need to hire a Mohel for a baby's circumcision. George gets a great parking spot.
70 5 The Lip Reader 10/28/1993 Newman, Gwen, Todd, Laura, Renee Jerry and George use a deaf friend to read lips. Elaine has problems with a limo driver. Kramer becomes a ball boy at the U.S. Open
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
71 5 The Non-Fat Yogurt 11/4/1993 Maryedith, Lloyd, Matthew, Cheryl, Joel, Newsman, Estelle, Frank, Mayor Rudolph Guliani Jerry and Elaine suspect that Kramer's investment in a non-fat yogurt shop may be a scam. Elaine dates a boyhood friend of George, who was always his competition.
<72/font> 5 The Barber 11/11/1993 Enzo, Gino, Mr. Pensky, Mt. Tuttle, Mike, Clarisse, Newman George arrives at a job, even though he was not yet hired. Jerry tries to hide from his barber, that he's switched to another.
73 5 The Masseuse 11/18/1993 Karen, Jody, Joel Rifkin, Michael, Lisa Elaine dates a man that has the same name as a notorious killer. Jerry desperately tries to get his girlfriend, a masseuse, to give him a massage. George is obsessed with trying to get Jerry's girlfriend to like him.
74 5 The Cigar Store Indian 12/9/1993 Winona, Ricky, Sylvia, Gepetto, Renee, Joanne, Spike, Estelle, Frank, Lippman Elaine gives Mr. Costanza's TV guide away to a stranger. George makes a girl believe that his parent's home is his. Jerry desperately tries to convince a native-American female, that he is not prejudiced. Kramer tries to publish a coffee table book about coffee tables.
75 5 The Conversion 12/16/1993 Sister Roberta, Tawni, Sasha, Mrs. Lupchek, Frank, Estelle George converts to Latvian Orthodox to impress his girlfriend. Jerry finds fungal cream in his girlfriend's medicine chest. A nun in George's new church falls for Kramer.
76 5 The Stall 1/6/1994 Jane, Tony Elaine gets refused toilet paper from a woman in an adjacent bathroom stall. Kramer recognizes a voice from a telephone sex line. George and Kramer go rock climbing with Elaine's boyfriend.
77 5 The Dinner Party 2/3/1994 David, barbara, Hussein The motley crew struggles to purchase gifts at a dinner party. Jerry and Elaine have an adventure purchasing a cake, while George and Kramer have a similar adventure buying wine.
78 5 The Marine Biologist 2/10/1994 Corinne, Testikov, Diane, Newman, Lippmann George pretends to be a Marine Biologist to an old female friend. Elaine's publishing guest from Russia, in incensed by Elaine's beeping organizer. Kramer struggles with his golf game.
79 5 The Pie 2/17/1994 Audrey, Poppie, MacKenzie, Bob, Olive, Ricky Jerry's girlfriend won't share pie with him. A store mannequin looks like Elaine. George's new suit makes a funny noise.
80 5 The Stand-In 2/24/1994 Phil, Daphne, Tammy, Al, Fulton, Johnny, Mickey Kramer advises a little person to get "lifts". Jerry visits a friend in a hospital in need of some humor. George's girlfriend refuses to break up with him.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
81 5 The Wife 3/17/1994 Meryl, Greg, Marty, Paula, Anna, Morty, Helen, Uncle Leo Jerry's girlfriend poses as his wife, in order to get a dry cleaning discount. George urinates publicly in a health club shower. Elaine gets mixed signals from a male friend. Kramer attempts to impress his girlfriend's parents.
82 5 4/28/1994 The Raincoats (Part 1) Rudy, Alec, Doris Klompus, Aaron, Joanne, Rachel, Frank, Estelle, Morty, Helen, Klompus Jerry longs for his privacy, as his parents visit for several weeks. George schems to get out of the Big Brother program, to which he had signed up. The Seinfelds snub the Costanza's dinner invitation. Elaine's new boyfriend, a "close talker", becomes obsessed with Jerry's parents. Kramer goes into the raincoat business with Morty.
83 5 The Raincoats (Part 2) 4/28/1994 Rudy, Alec, Mr. Goldstein, Doris Klompus, Aaron, Rachel, Joey, Newman, Frank, Estelle, Morty, Helen, Klompus Jerry and his girlfriend are accused of making out in a movie theater. A dealy in raincoat shipment, jeopardizes Kramers'a and Morty's business plans.
84 5 The Fire 5/5/1994 Robin, Toby, Ronnie, Joanne, Michael, Frank, Estelle Kramer's new girlfriend laughs incessantly. George handles a fire in his girlfriend's apartment, poorly. Jerry heckles Kramer's girlfriend, causing her to lose an appendage.
85 5 The Hamptons 5/12/1994 Rachel, Carol, Jane, Ben, Michael Everyone goes to the Hamptons for a weekend party, where comedic situations result.
86 5 The Opposite 5/19/1994 Jake Jarmel, Tina, Cushman, Victoria, Rachel, Regis Philbin, Michael, Estelle, Frank, Lippman George changes his luck by doing the opposite of everything that he has done in the past. Elaine's luck takes a turn for the worst. Jerry's luck seems to always even out.
87 6 The Chaperone 9/22/1994 Landis, Karen, Buck Showalter, Danny Tartabull, Mr. Pitt Jerry dates a beauty contestant, and Kramer becomes her mentor. Elaine applies for a job at a publishing house.
88 6 The Big Salad 9/29/1994 Julie, Gendason, Newman Elaine's boss wants Elaine to buy him a special pencil. George wants financial credit for a salad lunch purchase for Elaine. Jerry is soured on his current relationship due to the fact that she once dated Newman. Kramer argues with a friend over a golf incident.
89 6 The Pledge Drive 10/6/1994 Noreen, Nana, Dan, Kristin, Danny Tartabull, Uncle Leo, Mr. Pitt Jerry thinks Elaine's friend is hitting on him. Jerry cashes very old birthday checks from his grandmother. Jerry works at a PBS pledge drive.
90 6 The Chinese Woman 10/13/1994 Noreen, Donna Chang, Dr. Korval, Frank, Estelle George's father, Frank, is seen with a man wearing a cape. Jerry gets a date with a woman who calls his house mistakenly. Kramer is concerned about his sperm count. Elaine ruins her friend's relationship. George's parents separate.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
91 6 The Couch 10/27/1994 Carl, Marie, Poppie, Joe Temple, Remy Elaines dates the person who delivers Jerry's couch. Kramer looks to start a pizza business. George joins a book club.
92 6 The Gymnast 11/3/1994 Lindsay, Mrs. Enright, Katya, Misha, Aronson, Beck, Mr. Pitt Jerry dates a Rumanian gymnast. Kramer needs to pass a kidney stone. George's girlfriend's mother thinks that George is vile.
93 6 The Soup 11/10/1994 Kelly, Simon, Hildy, Bania Elaine dates an Englishman. Jerry gets a suit from a comedian, who expects a meal in return.
94 6 The Mom and Pop Store 11/17/1994 Morgan, Mr. Pitt, Whatley George claims to have bought a car owned by Jon Voight. Kramer attempts to save a small business. Elaine gets tickets for Mr. Pitt to eh Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
95 6 The Secretary 12/8/1994 Willie, Donna, Ada, Bania Jerry thinks his dry cleaner is wearing his jacket. George gives his secretary a raise. Kramer sells Bania his suit.
96 6 The Race 12/15/1994 Ned, Lois, Duncan, Ada, Mr. Bevilaqua, Castro, Arlene, Lew, Mickey Jerry has a rematch race against an old high school foe. Elaine is barred from ordering from a Chinese restaurant. George takes to Communist personal ad dating. Kramer works as a department store Santa.
97 6 The Switch 1/5/1995 Babs Kramer, Landis, Nina, Sandi, Keith, Laura, Mr. Clotworthy, Lorraine, Newman Elaine leaves Mr. Pitts' tennis racket with a potential employer. Jerry attempts to go after his girlfriend's roomate. George believes that his girlfriend is bulimic.
98 6 The Label Maker 1/19/1995 Bonnie, Scott, Newman, Whatley Elaine and Jerry believe that a gift that they gave has been "re-gifted". George tries to figure out why his girlfriend has a male roommate.
99 6 The Scofflaw 1/26/1995 Gary Fogel, Jake Jarmel, Debby, Officer Morgan, Newman, Lippman George finds out that a friend doesn't tell him about his cancer therapy. Kramer tries to find out where Elaine's boyfriend got his glasses from. George gets a toupee.
100 6 Highlights of a Hundred (Part 1) 2/2/1995 All characters Highlights of the show's first 99 shows
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
101 6 Highlights of a Hundred (Part 2) 2/2/1995 All characters Highlights of the show's first 99 shows
102 6 The Beard 2/9/1995 Rusty, Robert, Cathy, Mr. Stevenson, Mrs. Stevenson, Denise, Gus, Lou Elaine tries to convert a homosexual to be heterosexual. Geroge finds out that his girlfriend is bald. Jerry's police officer girlfriend wants him to take a lie detector test.
103 6 The Kiss Hello 2/16/1995 Wendy, Nana, Julio, Mary, Buddy, Joan, Jeff, Jack, Steve, Louise, Stephanie, Helen, Morty, Uncle Leo Elaine's friend always kisses Jerry hello. Jerry's grandmother reveals that Uncle Leo was supposed to give money to his sister years prior. Kramer decides to put pictures of every tenant in the building, in the lobby. George has to pay for a Dr. Visit that he didn't keep.
104 6 The Doorman 2/23/1995 Farkus, Poppie, Mrs. Payton, Horst, Mr. Green, Frank, Estelle, Mr. Pitt Jerry clashes with a doorman. George's father reveals that he has breasts, from his obese state.
105 6 The Jimmy 3/16/1995 Jimmy, Deensfrei, Cheryl, Wilhelm, Whatley The guys play basketball with a man that always refers to himself in the 3rd person. Kramer is accidentally mistaken to be mentally challenged at a mentally disabled honorary dinner.
106 6 The Doodle 4/6/1995 Nana, Shelly, Mandel, Paula, Karl, Judy, Newman, Morty, Helen, Uncle Leo George finds a doodle that his girlfriend drew of him. Elaine must go into Jerry fumigated apartment to find a manuscript that she needs for a job interview.
107 6 The Fusilli Jerry 4/27/1995 Nancy, Dr. Cooperman, Estelle, Frank, Puddy Estelle gets an eye job. Kramer gets new vanity license plates. Jerry is perturbed when he finds out that Elaine's new boyfriend uses his moves on her.
108 6 The Diplomat's Club 5/2/1995 Morgan, Joe, Katie, Lenore, Earl, Remy, Bridgette, Newman, Mr. Pitt Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club. Elaine reconsiders the quitting of her job, when she learns that she is named in the will of her boss. George attempts to prove that he is not a rascist.
109 6 The Face Painter 5/11/1995 Alec Berg, Mr. Pless, Father Hernandez, Siena, Puddy Elaine's boyfirend paints his face before a hockey game. Kramer fights with a monkey. George decides to tell his girlfriend that he loves her.
110 6 The Understudy 5/18/1995 Bette Midler, Ruby, Kim, Gennice, Lotus, Sunny, Frank, Peterman George and Jerry are accused of hurting Bette Midler during a softball game. Elaine gets George's father to translate Korean for her, down at a nail salon. Elaine meets the president of a catalog.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
111 7 The Engagement 9/21/1995 Melanie, Alice, Newman, Frank, Estelle, Susan Jerry and George make a "pact" to change their ways. Elaine cannot sleep due to a barking dog. George proposes to Susan. Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend, violating his pact with George.
112 7 The Postponement 9/28/1995 Rabbi Glickman, Susan Elaine seeks a dog barking problem with a local rabbi. George decides to delay his wedding with Susan. Kramer starts a lawsuit when he spills a hot latte on his lap.
113 7 The Maestro 10/5/1995 Maestro, Giggio, Ned, Mr. Star, Mr. Burns, Ms. Jordan, Susan, Jackie Chiles George helps a security guard in Susan's uncle store. Jerry tries to validate that there are no homes for rent in Tuscany. Elaine dates the "Maestro". Kramer wins a lawsuit and resultingly gets free coffee as compensation.
114 7 The Wink 10/12/1995 Morgan, Holly, James, Stubs, Paul O'Neill, Bobby, Wilhelm Elaine makes a date with an operator from a wake-up service. George gets grapefruit in his eye, causing an involuntary wink. Jerry's healthy diet conflicts with his dating of Elaine's cousin. Kramer promises an ill boy that Paul O'Neill will hit 2 home runs for him.
115 7 The Hot Tub 10/19/1995 Jean-Paul, Clayton, Zeke, Gardner, Sheri, Wilhelm George meets with visiting baseball officials. Elaine houses an out-of-country runner, as a house guest. Kramer gets a hot tub from his friend.
116 7 The Soup Nazi 11/2/1995 Sheila, Soup Nazi, Ray, Bob, Newman, Susan, Bania The gang frequents a new soup establishment, run by a "Soup Nazi". Elaine finds an antique cabinet that she wants. George and Elaine are repulsed by Jerry's new girlfriend's affection.
117 7 The Secret Code 11/9/1995 Captain, Leapin' Larry, Momma, Susan, Peterman, Fred Yerkes George tries to keep his ATM code a secret from Susan. A local retailer wants Jerry to do TV spots for his store. Kramer gets involved with the fire department.
118 7 The Pool Guy 11/16/1995 Ramon, Paul, Dustin, Newman, Susan Elaine asks Susan to accompany her to a clothing exhibit, and George objects. A pool guy at Jerry's club attempts to befriend Jerry. Kramer's telephone number is close to a movie help line.
119 7 The Sponge 12/7/1995 Lena, Cedric, Bob, Roger, Billy, Monica, Susan Jerry gets a telephone number of a girl that he is interested in from an AIDS walk sponsor list. Elaine decides if her current boyfriend is worth sparing her birth control method for. Jerry finds out that George tells Susan one of their secrets.
120 7 The Gum 12/14/1995 Lloyd, Deena, Haarwood, Pop Lazzari Kramer is involved in opening an old movie theater. An old classmate of George has a nervous breakdown. George's old female classmate thinks George is having a nervous breakdown. George's old classmate has a pack of Chinese gum, that Kramer insists that everyone try.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
121 7 The Rye 1/4/1996 Mrs. Ross, Mr. Henry Ross, John, Mabel Choate, Clyde, Dennis, Estelle, Frank, Susan Elaine dates a jazz saxophonist who Jerry says Elaine thinks he's hot and heavy. Susan's parents meet George's parents for the first time. Kramer operates a horse-and-buggy business. The Costanza's and Ross' obsess over a marble rye.
122 7 The Caddy 1/25/1996 Sue Ellen, Stan, Frank, Estelle, Susan, Jackie Chiles, Wilhelm, Peterman
123 7 The Seven 2/1/1996 Ken, Carrie, Christie, Newman, Susan Elaine gives Kramer a bike, for fixing her neck problems. George is upset when Susan's cousin plans on using a name for their first born, that George wanted reserved for his first child. Jerry's girlfriend always wears the same dress. Kramer decides to keep track of all food items that he takes from Jerry's apartment.
124 7 The Cadillac (Part 1) 2/8/1996 Nick, Katy, Herb, Ralph, Helen, Morty, Susan, Klompus, Marissa Tomei Jerry buys his parents a new cadillac. George has a chance to hook-up with Marissa Tomei. Kramer plays cat-and-mouse with the cable guy.
125 7 The Cadillac (Part 2) 2/8/1996 Marissa Tomei, Nic, Evelyn, Mabel Choate, Herb, Ralph, Doris Klompus, John, Helen, Morty, Susan, Klompus George's obsession with Marissa Tomei makes Susan suspicious. Morty tries to avoid condo board impeachment.
126 7 The Shower Head 2/15/1996 Newman, Mr. Peterman, Morty Sainfeld, Dr. Strugatz, Helen Seinfeld, Estelle Costanza, Frank Costanza, Uncle Leo, Jay Leno Elaine tests positive for opium during a urine test, and Peterman fires her. George tries to get his parents to move to Florida. Newman finds a source for black-market shower heads.
127 7 The Doll 2/22/1996 Maestro, Deena, Sally Weaver, Frank, Estelle, Susan Frank turns George's old room into a billiard room. Susan has a doll that looks like George's mother.
128 7 The Friars Club 3/7/1996 Bob, Pat Cooper, Hallie, Connie, Susan, Peterman, Jackie Chiles George gets a 3 month reprieve on his wedding date. Jerry goes out with Susan's best friend. Jerry loses a Friar's Club jacket. Kramer tries avoiding sleep.
129 7 The Wig Master 4/4/1996 Jesse, Ethan, Craig, Charmaine, Elaine is picked up by a suit salesman, when Jerry looks for a suit. George has an unwanted wig master house guest. George fins a parking lot that charges only $ 75 per month.
130 7 The Calzone 4/25/1996 Todd, Nicki, Newman George becomes George Steinbrenner's favorite, when he recommends a calzone to eat. Kramer heats his clothes up in the dryer. Elaine dates a man that never really asks her out.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
131 7 The Bottle Deposits (Part 1) 5/2/1996 Tony, Sue Ellen, Newman, Wilhelm, Peterman George fails to hear Wilhelm's instructions on an important Yankees' project. Peterman asks Elaine to bid on Kennedy golf clubs at an auction. Newman and Kramer scheme on obtaining top-dollar for used soda cans and bottles. Jerry's mechanic is a fanatic.
132 7 The Bottle Deposits (Part 2) 5/2/1996 Tony, Deena, Pop, Newman, Wilhelm, Peterman Wilhelm is happy with George's progress on "the project", even though George has no clue as to what he has done. Jerry's mechanic steals Jerry's car. Steinbrenner has George committed.
133 7 The Wait Out 5/9/1996 David, Beth, Mrs. Zanfino, Joey, Mr. Berger, Barbara, Susan, Mickey George's comments result in a couple's separation. Jerry and Elaine move in on the separated couple.
134 7 The Invitations 5/16/1996 Jeannie Steinman, Mr. Lager, Susan George and Susan order their wedding invitations, and George order very cheap ones. Jerry thinks he is in love, and proposes. Kramer attempts to cash in on a bank offer. Susan dies from licking the cheap wedding invitations.
135 8 The Foundation 9/19/1996 Jeannie Steinman, Wyck, Mrs. Ross, Mr. Henry Ross, Dugan, Dolores, Joey, Mrs. Zanfino, Sensei, Larry, Clara, Willie, Ruthie, Peterman Susan's parents get George involved in a foundation that they set up for her. Kramer ventures into karate. Peterman mentally breaks down and heads to Burma, leaving Elaine in charge of the catalog.
136 8 The Soul Mate 9/26/1996 Wyck, Kevin, Carol, Pam, Ms. Baines, Mr. Cross, Gail, Lisa, Newman George believes that the Foundation members think he killed Susan. Kramer falls for Jerry's girlfriend. Elaine's boyfriend has a vasectomy to show his committment to Elaine.
137 8 The Bizarro Jerry 10/3/1996 Kevin, Gillian, Feldman, Gene, Amanda, Leland, Vargas Kramer starts working for a firm that has not hired him. Elaine sets up Jerry with a friend that has "man hands". George uses a picture of Jerry's girlfriend to impress women. Elaine makes new friends.
138 8 The Little Kicks 10/10/1996 Brody, Anna, Dugan, Frank Elaine dances funny at a company party. George dates one of Elaine's employees. Kramer's friend makes bootleg movies.
139 8 The Package 10/17/1996 Dr. Berg, Dr. Stern, Dr. Resnick, Sheila, Ron, Newman, Uncle Leo Elaine cannot get rid of a rash. A photo clerk has her eye on George. Uncle Leo signs for a package destined for Jerry. Newman accuses Jerry of mail fraud.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
140 8 The Fatigues 10/31/1996 Dugan, Eddie, Abby, Cynthia, Janine, Estelle, Frank, Wilhelm, Bania Jerry's girlfriend requires a mentor. George is asked by the Yankees to lecure on risk management. Elaine promotes an employee that she is afraid of. Kramer asks Frank to help him run a Jewish Singles Night.
141 8 The Checks 11/7/1996 Brett, Mt. Oh, Teddy, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Yamaguchi, Clicky, Wilhelm Elaine's boyfriend is obsessed with a song. Jerry keeps getting royalty checks from a brief appearance on Japanese TV. George insists that a group of carpet cleaners are part of a cult. Kramer entertains some Japanese businessmen.
142 8 The Ckicken Roaster 11/14/1996 Seth, Heather, Ipswich, Newman, Peterman Kramer has trouble sleeping with the radiant Chicken establishment sign outside his window. Jerry meets an old college buddy. Elaine liberally spends from the Peterman expense account.
143 8 The Abstinence 11/21/1996 Katie, Sue Ellen, Ben, Mrs. Burns, Louise, Alex Trebek, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Ms. Wilkie, DAvid Letterman, JAckie Chiles Geroge cannot have sex with his girlfriend since she contracted mono, and his mind becomes sharper. Elaine dates a doctor who cannot yet practice medicine. Jerry agrees to appear at his old high school for Career Day. Kramer opens up his apartment to be a smoking lounge.
144 8 The Andrea Doria 12/19/1996 Alan, Clarence, Mrs. Ricardi, Newman, Estelle, Frank George is excited about moving into his new apartment, until he finds out that it is being given to an Andrea Doria survivor. Jerry and Kramer discover that Newman is hiding mail. Elaine's boyfriend goes for a vasectomy to please Elaine.
145 8 The Little Jerry 1/9/1997 Kurt, Marcelino, Celia, Betsy, Detective Banner, Detective Udewitz, Morty, Helen Jerry's bad check is displayed in a store. George dates a convict. Kramer enters his new pet, a rooster, in a cockfight. Elaine's boyfriend goes bald.
146 8 The Money 1/16/1997 Emily, Helen, Morty, Frank, Estelle, Peterman, Klompus Jerry's parents sell a car, that Jerry bought for them as a present. Jerry and George talk about the money their parents might have. Jerry tries to buy the Cadillac back.
147 8 The Comeback 1/30/1997 Milos, Shellbach, Reilly, Patty, Vincent, Bill, Fred, McAdam, Gene George has trouble thinking of a comeback line to an employee who makes fun of him. Jerry buys a tennis racket, recommended from a "professional". Elaine looks to meet a mysterious person who picks movie favorites at a Video Store. Kramer makes a living will.
148 8 The Van Buren Boys 2/6/1997 Lomez Jr., Wyck, Ellen, Steven Koren, Lydia, Maurice, Melissa, Kim, Morty, Helen, Peterman Everyone seems to find fault with Jerry's "perfect" girlfriend. George interviews candidates for the Foundation's first scholarship. Elaine wants to write Peterman's biography. Kramer sells Peterman some of his stories.
149 8 The Susie 2/13/1997 Mr. Peterman, Mr. Wilhelm, Mike Moffit, Allison, Peggy Elaine's co-worker Peggy, calls her "Susie". Jerry is accused of not paying off a bet.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
150 8 The Pothole 2/20/1997 Ralph, Jenna, Newman, Mrs. Allister Jerry's girlfriend brushes her teeth with a toothbrush that feel in a toilet. Kramer adopts a 1-mile stretch of highway. Elaine attempts to order Chinese out of area.
151 8 The English Patient 3/13/1997 Izzy Mentlebaum, Danielle, Earl Haffler, Carol, Izzy Jr., Guillermo, Dugan, Gail, Lisa, Blaine, Izzy Sr., Sid Luckman, Jaime, Neil, Helen, Morty, Peterman A woman mistakes George for her boyfriend. Elaine see the movie "The English Patient". In Florida, while helping his parents move, Jerry meets Izzy Mentlebaum, and old man who hates to lose. Kramer hunts for Cubans.
152 8 The Nap 4/10/1997 Conrad, Hal, Brian, Wilhelm George is tired and needs to take a nap at work. Kramer swims in the East River. Elaine's boyfriend gives her a new mattress.
153 8 The Yada Yada 4/24/1997 Dr. Abbott, Mrs. Abbott, Beth, Marcy, Arnie, Father Curtis, Julie, Karen, Brian, Mickey, Whatley George's girlfriend uses the phrase, "yada, yada, yada" a lot. Jerry's dentist converts to Judaism. Kramer and Mickey double date. Elaine is a character reference for a couple who wants to adopt.
154 8 The Millennium 5/1/1997 Valerie, Valerie's mother, Gladys, Minkler, Mooney, Steve Koren, Newman, Wilhelm Elaine gets poor service at a clothing store. Jerry's girlfriend has him on her speed dial. Kramer plans for a millenium party. To obtain an offer from the Mets, George needs to get fired by the Yankees.
155 8 The Muffin Tops 5/8/1997 Mary Anne, Alex, Rebecca, Newman, Peterman, Lippman George poses as a tourist from Arkansas. Kramer goes to a book signing, claiming that he is the real Peterman. Elaine gives her boss a million dollar muffin idea. Jerry shaves his chest.
156 8 The Summer of George 5/15/1997 Raquel Welch, Sam, Lanette, Dugan, Lew, Malcolm, Walter, Lyle, Dave Mandel, Peterman George receives a 3 month severance package from the Yankees, and takes the summer off. Kramer inadvertently gets a Tony award. Jerry's date lives with a man. Elaine works with a new co-worker that has no arm movement.
157 9 The Butter Shave 9/25/1997 Jenna, Mr. Thomassoulo, McMaines, Newman, Bania, Puddy George uses a cane to his advantage. Jerry is annoyed that Bania is getting recognition. Elaine goes on a European vacation with Puddy. Kramer uses butter to protect his skin.
158 9 The Voice 10/2/1997 Mr. Thomassoulo, Claire, Darin, Dean Jones, Alice, Glenn, Puddy George's employer want to fire him because of his fake disability. Jerry mocks the sound "coming from the stomach" of his girlfriend. Elaine cannot seem to break up with Puddy.
159 9 The Serenity Now 10/9/1997 Patty, Adam, Lloyd Braun, Rabbi Glickman, Frank, Estelle, Lippman Frank is advised to say "Serenity Now" every time his blood pressure is rising. Frank bring George into his Computer Sales business.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
160 9 The Blood 10/16/1997 Vivian, Tara, Jimmy, Izzy Jr., Izzy, Newman, Morty, Helen Jerry's parents are concerned over his lack of exercise, and pay for a personal trainer. Elaine babysits for her friend's son. George combines food and sex.
161 9 The Junk Mail 10/30/1997 Rhisa, Jack, Frankie, Betty, Henry Atkins, Newman, Frank, Estelle, Puddy Jerry's childhood friend promises to get Jerry a new car. Elaine meets a new man, while still going out with Puddy. Kramer plots revenge on a company sending his incessant catalogs. Geroge's parents brush off George.
162 9 The Merv Griffin Show 11/6/1997 Lou, Celia, Miranda, Jim Fowler, Newman, Peterman, Frank, Estelle Kramer sets up his apartment like the old Merv Griffin show set. Jerry's girlfriend has a unique toy collection. George runs over pigeons and a squirrel.
163 9 The Slicer 11/13/1997 Sara, Kruger, Arthur Milano, Mr. Parry Elaine has sleepless nights. George gets a job in a poorly run company. Kramer buys a meat slicer. Kramer poses as a doctor in George's company.
164 9 The Betrayal 11/20/1997 Sue Ellen, FDR (Franlink Delano Romanosky, Nina, Zubin, Pinter, Usha, Newman, Susan Jerry, George, and Elaine return from their trip to India. Kramer tries to settle a score with FDR. A unique episode, where all the scenes are done in reverse from end to beginning.
165 9 The Apology 12/11/1997 Peggy, Melissa, Alan, Gregg, Walter, Andy, Peterman, Puddy, Jason "Stanky" Hanky Jerry's girlfriend always walks around his apartment naked. Jerry and George's old friend goes through Alcoholic's Anonymous. Elaine's co-worker is a germ-o-phobe.
166 9 The Strike 12/18/1997 Kruger, Gwen, Harry, Sandy, Frank, Estelle, Whatley George, Elain, and Jerry attend Whatley's Hanukkah party. Elaine gives a fake number to a man she meets. George's heritage is resurrected with his family's made-up holiday, "Festvus", being resurrected. Jerry's girlfriend either looks great or horrible. George buys gifts for his co-workers, to a fake charity. Kramer resumes employment at a bakery, where he was on strike for the past 12 years.
167 9 The Dealership 1/8/1998 Rick, Don, Willie, Willie Sr., Puddy Jerry buys a car from Puddy, who is a car salesman.
168 9 The Reverse Peephole 1/15/1998 Silvio, Joe Mayo, Keri, Newman, Puddy The gang buy an apartment warming gift for a friend's party. Kramer reverses his apartment's peephole. Jerry decides to go "wallet-less". Newman sleeps with his landlord's wife.
169 9 The Cartoon 1/29/1998 Mr. Elinoff, Dugan, Sally Weaver, Newman, Peterman, Janet Jerry's gets trashed by a comedian, who is Susan's old college roommate. Elaine obsesses over a cartoon that appears in a magazine. George dates a girl that looks like Jerry. Kramer agrees to stop talking.
Episode # Season # Episode Name Date of 1st Airing Noteworthy Characters Episode Description
170 9 The Strongbox 2/5/1998 Loretta, Maura, Phil, Glenn, Ms. Smoth, Alison George's girlfriend won't let him break up with her. Kramer obtains a strongbox to store his valuables. Elaine dates a man on welfare.
171 9 The Wizard 2/26/1998 Mrs. Ross, Mr Henry Ross, Darryl, Sid Luckman, Tom, FDR (Franklin Delano Romanosky, Rubin, Helen, Morty Jerry buys a Wizard organizer for his dad's birthday. Elaines dates a man of questionable race. George lies to the Rosses to avoid a Foundation event.
172 9 The Burning 3/19/1998 Kruger, Sophie, Father Curtis, Dr. Wexler, Artie, Puddy, Mickey Elaine thinks Puddy is religious. Jerry suggests that George leave his company meetings on a "high note". Kramer and Mickey get a job acting for medical students. Jerry tries to figure out a secret about his new girlfriend.
173 9 The Bookstore 4/9/1998 Rusty, Zach, Crichton, Rebecca DeMornay, Hobo Joe, Newman, Morty, Helen, Peterman, Uncle Leo George hangs out at a bookstore, in hope of meeting women. Elaine makes out with an employee at the company Christmas party. Kramer and Newman run a rickshaw service in the city.
174 9 The Frogger 4/23/1998 Lisi, Slippery Pete, Shlomo, Sal, Walter, Mike, Kobe, Lubeck, Kenny Jerry finds it hard to breakup with his girlfriend. Elaine eats a Peterman-purchased "antique" cake. George purchases an old "Frogger" video game.
175 9 The Maid 4/30/1998 Kruger, Cindy, Maxwell, Charles, Brendan, Coco, Watkins George adopts a nickname. Kramer's faxes are being delivered to Elains answering machine. Jerry establishes a relationship with his maid.
176 9 The Puerto Rican Day 5/7/1998 Lamar, Mr. Canterman, Mrs. Christine Nyhart, Bob, Cedric, Leslie, Gail, GGary, Mrs. Canterman, Lucy, Ellis The gang hits traffic due to the Puerto Rican Day parade.
177 9 The Clip Show (Part 1) 5/14/1998 Many characters Feature clips from the 1st 9 seasons of the show
178 9 The Clip Show (Part 2) 5/14/1998 Many characters Feature clips from the 1st 9 seasons of the show
179 9 The Finale (Part 1) 5/14/1998 Many characters Jerry takes the gang on a plane trip, courtesy NBC, and the adventure begins when they have to land abruptly in Latham, Massachusetts
180 9 The Finale (Part 2) 5/14/1998 Many characters Jerry takes the gang on a plane trip, courtesy NBC, and the adventure begins when they have to land abruptly in Latham, Massachusetts

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