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Welcome Page - Seinfeld Trivia Site

Seinfeld, without question, is the most popular and most successful TV sitcom of our lifetime. The Seinfeld comedy series ran on NBC from 1989-1998, with a total of 180 episodes being aired. To this day, Seinfeld is shown all over the world in syndication, and its popularity is greater than ever before.

This site is an encyclopedia of the Seinfeld sitcom hit TV series. This site contains an original and challenging Seinfeld Trivia Test that will allow you to test your knowledge of the famous TV series, and compare your Seinfeld Trivia score with other participants. Further, complete show, biography, and episode information is fully described on this site. Finally, the Seinfeld DVD collection can be purchased from this site, as well as other exciting and novel Seinfeld accessories.

Please bookmark this site, and return as often as you wish. We hope that this site will become your definitive source for all of your Seinfeld Trivia and Information needs.

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