Seinfled Trivia Test

Seinfeld Trivia Test

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Do you think you are a Seinfeld authority ? We'll see about that. The following totally original and comprehensive test is a 50 question multiple choice test (each question has 4 possible answers), that will determine your level of Seinfeld expertise. The questions for this test are subtle, and not trivial. To answer them correctly will require a strong command of the details of many of the shows. Please enter your name or alias, your Email Address, and answer all 100 questions. We will tabulate your score, Email you your results with the correct answers, and if you are in our all-time Top 10 in scoring, we will post your name/alias and score in our Top 10 Trivia Experts page. There is no time limit on how long you may take on the test; the only restriction is that you must answer all 50 questions to receive the answers, and an official score. By the way, given the detailed nature of these questions, we consider any score over 75 % to be excellent.

Good luck, Seinfeld afficionados !!!

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