Mortgage Magic Features

The Most Detailed Mortgage Software on the Web
  • Computes Mortgage Costs
  • Mortgage Approval Viability
  • Amortization Schedules
  • Side-by-Side Mtg Comparison
  • Scenario Cost Comparisons
  • Budgeting Tool
  • Buyer's Checklist
  • Closing Cost Checklist
Mortgage Magic

Mortgage Magic Overview

Mortgage Magic is a first-of-its-kind software tool that provides a detailed mechanism for calculating Total mortgage costs, viability for mortgage approval, provides detailed amortization schedules, provides a mechanism to save and compare a multitude of scenario costs, provides a monthly/annual budgeting expense tool, and provides both buyer's and closing cost checklists.

Mortgage Magic Detailed Product Features

Feature Included
Updated with current rules and formulas
Determines Mortgage Qualifying Ratios # 1 and # 2
Calculates PITI (Mortgage Payment + Taxes + PMI + Homeowner's Insurance
Calculates PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) and provides user-defined thresholds
Calculates FHA Loan Amounts and Closing Costs
Calculates Total Closing Costs (soup-to-nuts)
Calculates Mortgage based on downpayment, interest rates, terms, and loan amount
Calculates Total Cash Requirement to close on home
Variable Closing Cost Items that can be overwritten
Full Amortization Schedule
Amortization Schedule with extra monthly payments
Side-by-Side Mortgage Comparison with Amortization Schedule comparison
Save 500 Scenario Cost Comparisons
Scenario Cost Comparison itemized by 12 different fields
Scenario Cost Comparison with 3 user-defined fields
Full Budgeting Tool that compares Expense items versus Revenue items
Budgeting Graphic Tool compares Monthly Expenses and Monthly Revenue
Detailed Buyer's Checklist
Detailed Buyer/Seller Closing Cost Checklist with Definitions
Online Instruction Manual
Context-sensitive help on every screen
Works with any version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel
And much, much more


Some Sample Mortgage Magic Screens