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About Our President

Douglas R. Hayman, President of Expert Software Systems, is known as the "Budget Surgeon" by friends, family, and colleagues alike, and is a self-professed Retirement and Household Budgeting expert.

Douglas is the author of Reduce Your Monthly Budget by 20% Using Simple Budgeting Strategies. His eBook is a pure reflection of household budgeting techniques that he has successfully employed over the years to help reduce expenses, and to help fortify his personal financial balance sheet in preparation for Retirement. Further, he has developed and sells a unique and powerful Retirement Calculator software package, that allows one to manage their Retirement planning efforts.

Douglas has a Master's Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Stony Brook University, in Long Island, NY. Douglas has been self-employed for over 20 years as an author, developer, affiliate marketer, real estate salesman, B2B Business Development and technical lead generation salesman, stock and futures investor and trader, and Information Technology consultant. Additionally, Douglas has over 19 years of corporate Information Technology (IT) experience, most of which focused upon technical management working for an international Fortune 100 company. At this company Douglas managed multi-million dollar departmental budgets, and was responsible for developing sophisticated institutional foreign exchange trading systems.

Additionally, Expert Software Systems provides the following financial consulting services:

  • Personal Household Budgeting Consulting
  • Personal Retirement Calculation Consulting
  • Corporate Household Budgeting Consulting
  • Corporate Retirement Calculation Consulting

These consulting services are described fully on our Financial Consulting Services website.

Douglas' staff at Expert Software Systems provides superlative development, technical, and customer support, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

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