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Gold and Silver Benefits
  • Protection against high      periods of inflation.
  • High National Debt leads      to increased commodity      prices.
  • There is a finite amount of      Gold and Silver in the      world. Hence, scarcity      increases value.
  • Gold and Silver always can      be redeemed for cash.
  • Gold and Silver can be      purchased as bars, coins,      or even via ETF's      (electronically traded      funds, which behave like      stocks).
  • Good purchase points are      typically, but not always,      when US Dollar is weak.
  • Good selling points are      typically, but not always,      when US Dollar is strong.
  • Gold and Silver are      tangible assets that you      can hold.
  • Federal reporting is not      required for purchases      and sales (unless it is via      an ETF).
  • They are a great hedge      against other potential      declining assets.
  • Value tends to increase      during troubled economic      times.

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