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eCigarette Benefits
  • Contains nicotine,    but no tar, no    tobacco, no ash, no    flame, and no smell.
  • Superior alternative    to traditional    smoking.
  • Continue to enjoy    smoking, but beat    the smoking habit.
  • Many flavors to    choose from.
  • 30-day money-back    guarantee.
  • Free shipping.
  • Many, many    accessories.
  • Makes for great    gifts.
  • Huge cost savings    over traditional    cigarette smoking.
  • Safe to use � with    no combustion, ash    or smoke.
  • Electronic Cigars    and pipes are    avalaible too.
  • Premium Electronic Cigarettes

    Premium Electronic Cigarettes are a healthier and cost effective way to break the traditional smoking habit. People who are smokers, and who are concerned with the health risks associated with smoking traditional cigarettes, are the ideal candidates for using Premium Electronic Cigarettes. Additionally, people who work in non-smoking environments, but have the habit of smoking, will benefit greatly from this product and its accessories.

    In addition to the fact that Premium Electronic Cigarettes only contain nicotine (no tar or tobacco), as a smoker, you will feel satisfied using these products, but you will signficantly mitigate the health risk associated with traditional smoking.

    The savings in cost using Premium Electronic Cigarettes is huge. Traditional cigarettes cost anywhere from $ 4 to $ 10 per pack in the United States. With Premium Electronic Cigarettes, the cost is $ 1.50 to $ 2.50 per cartridge (a cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes). Assuming that a smoker smokes 1 pack of cigarettes per day, the savings in cost per year would be $ 1,460 per year (assuming a $ 4 cigarette pack cost), and would be $ 3,650 per year (assuming a $ 10 cigarette pack cost). Wow !

    Please visit the Premium Electronic Cigarettes website, for more information, and a complete list of all products, accessories, and their descriptions.

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