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Household Budgeting/Retirement Calculation Services
  • 1-on-1 Live Consulting
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To Order (Schedule) Our Consulting Services

You can order our Household Budgeting OR Retirement Calculation consulting services (individually or corporate) by filling out the following form, and submitting it to us. Once we receive it, a representative will contact you back immediately, to confirm the consulting session(s). Alternatively, you can contact us directly via any of the methods described below in the Contact Information section of this page, to schedule your consulting session(s). Payment is due at the beginning of the first 2-hour consultation for personal consultation. Payment is made via credit card - we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Personal Household Budgeting Consulting Package
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Personal Retirement Calculation Consulting Package
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Corporate Household Budgeting Consulting Package
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Corporate Retirement Calculation Consulting Package
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Additional Constraints and Costs:
Personal On-site consultation is ONLY available on Long Island, NY. There is an additional charge of $ 75 for on-site travel within Suffolk County; $ 100 to Nassau County.

Corporate On-site rates (available only on Long Island, NY) are either $ 499 or $ 599 per hour session (maximum of 20 people per session), and can be accommodated during lunch hours or after work.

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