Baseball Card Grading

How Are Baseball Cards Graded for Condition?

Baseball Card Grading Categories

Grade Grade # Description
Poor (PR) 1 Card is similar to Fair condition but wear is even more advanced. Card may be missing small pieces, show extreme discoloration, or have major creases.
Fair (FR) 1.5 Card has extremely worn corners and advanced wear, with scuffs, scratches, stains, chips, and/or pitting. Card may be dirty and have extreme printing defects.
Good (GOOD) 2 Card has accelerated rounding at corners and considerable surface wear. Card may also have scuffs, scratches, light stains, creases, or chips.
Very Good (VG) 3 Card has slightly rounded corners, very apparent surface and edge wear, scuffing, a light crease, and/or light scratches.
Very Good-Excellent (VG-EX) 4 Card has slightly rounded corners, more visible surface wear, and heavy loss of original gloss.
Excellent (EX) 5 Card has minor rounding at the corners, slightly visible surface wear, and slightly chipped edges.
Excellent-Mint (EX-MT) 6 Card has visible surface wear, very light scratches and slightly frayed corners. Card may also have some loss of original gloss or slight printing defects.
Near Mint (NM) 7 Card has slight surface wear that is only visible with close inspection. Card may also have slightly frayed corners or minor printing imperfections.
Near Mint+ (NM+) 7.5 Somewhere between Near Mint and Near Mint-Mint
Near Mint-Mint (NM-MT) 8 Card would be a superb-condition Mint 9; however, it exhibits slight corner fraying or minor printing imperfections.
Near Mint-Mint+ (NM-MT+) 8.5 Somewhere between Near Mint-Mint and Mint
Mint (MINT) 9 Card is in superb condition. Slight wax stains on the back of the card and slightly off-white borders are permitted.
Gem Mint (GEM-MT) 10 Card is almost perfect, with four sharp corners, perfect centering, full gloss, and no staining.

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