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Seinfeld Article: The Great Seinfeld Comedy

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There have been many classic comedies produced over the years which includes such great shows as "All in the Family", "Honeymooners", and "MASH". However, there is one comedy that seems to rise head and shoulders above the pack, and that is the Seinfeld series. The creators of this show (writer Larry David and comedian Jerry Seinfeld) produced 180 episodes over a nine year stretch. After all involved decided to stop the series (they wanted to go out on top), the show's syndicated reruns continue to be played on television, all over the world.

Seinfeld episodes focus on the antics and daily minutia of the 4 main characters: Jerry Seinfled, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer (known just as Kramer), and Elaine Benus. The characters are all friends, and their neurotic escapades with one another, provide for hilarious comedy.

The overall viewership of each new episode and its continued success in syndication, have been unmatched by any other of the classic comedies that have hit the airwaves. The intense popularity of the show continues today, and should continue into the forseeable future.

There are some that stipulate that Seinfeld is the greatest comedy of all time. Some of the reasoing behind this include:

In summary, the aforementioned information describes how Seinfeld can be considered to be a great comedy sitcom. There are many who believe that Seinfeld is the greatest comedy ever to be viewed on television.

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