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Welcome to the most educational, concise, and valuable Weight Loss resource on the Internet today. Obesity among adults and children continue to increase throughout the world today at alarming rates. In the United States alone, 1 in 3 Americans are now considered obese. Recent research estimates that the cost of obesity related health problems accounts for nearly 7 % of all health care spending in the United States, and this number is on the rise. Obesity is also related to several serious diseases including high blood pressure, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, stroke, some types of cancer (prostate, breast and bowel), heart failure, gallstones, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, gout, and many other chronic diseases.

Although these statistics sound ominous, we are extremely fortunate to be living in the middle of an Information Age, where information about weight loss and dietary programs, are available to most people via the Internet. This website is a synthesis of the most popular and most effective weight loss programs and dietary programs available to us today. This website provides to-the-minute information and reviews of these various plans, which when used as prescribed, can measurably alter the health, nutrition, and fitness of over-weight people. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information, so that you can live longer and feel better ! Please consult with your physician before you embark on using any of the plans reviewed on this website.

We also provide several tools to determine one's level of obesity. Height/Weight charts, and the respected BMI (Body Mass Index), are provided to gauge your level of obesity, before and after a weight loss program is put in place. Additionally, a Calorie Burn calculator and an online Calorie Counter are provided.

Please bookmark this site, and return as often as you wish. We hope that this site will become your definitive Weight Loss resource and on-line Dietary Program encyclopedia.

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