UNDERVALUED STOCKS ADVISORY provides 2 Premium Services, available on a paid subscription basis:

  • Our STOCKS ADVISORY SYSTEM uses a sophisticated, proprietary computerized database system, for selecting undervalued stocks for purchase (from the major US exchanges) on a nightly basis (computed after midnight, and before the next trading day begins). Our sophisticated historical database system is updated nightly with the past days' market activity, and generates its selections daily (Tu, Wed, Th, Fr, and Sat, circa 8:00 AM EST, except after Holidays when the US markets are closed), via a series of complex, overnight calculations. Additionally, not only are stocks selected for purchase, but our system determines the opportune time for selling the stocks that we have selected for purchase. Our firm belief is that stocks that appreciate 15% in value from the initial purchase price, should be sold for profit. Similarly, stocks that decline in value by more than 8% from the initial purchase price, should be sold to minimize downside risk, and to maximize capital preservation. We have proven that this buy/sell strategy will maximize profits over the long and short haul, even though it will require selling some stocks for loss (often, more stocks for loss than for gain). Roughly and hypothetically speaking, if 1 of every 3 of our stocks achieve 15 % profitability, and the other 2 of the 3 were sold for 8 % loss, we would roughly achieve a break even point. Hence, to guarantee overall profitability, we roughly require about 35 % of our stock picks to achieve 15 % profitability (assuming the worst case, that the other 65 % of our picks are sold at an 8 % loss). We certainly aim to surpass this, and it is our rigid, discplined method of trading, that results in maximized profits, which allows us to outperform the market indices.

    In order to take advantage of our system to maximize profits, our professional trading strategy dictates that investors should invest an equal dollar amount in every stock that we recommend for purchase. This means that more shares of cheaper stocks will be purchased, and fewer shares of more expensive stocks will be purchased. Profits will be maximized by following the recommendations set forth daily (both BUY and SELL advisories). If you follow this investing strategy, your portfolio performance will precisely mimic our portfolio performance. Furthermore, please note that our system is designed to maximize profits in both Bear and Bull markets.

    Our sophisticated timing strategy for buying/selling stocks is updated on a nightly basis (i.e., after the close of a trading day - never during a trading day), and is a Premium Advisory service provided on this website. Moreover, our internal Email system, which is well integrated with our database technology, provides automated Emails to all Premium Service subscribers on a daily basis (Tu, Wed, Th, Fri, and Sat, circa 8 AM EST - i.e., the morning after the market closes, except after Holidays when the US market is closed), advising subscribers of all our Buy and Sell recommendations. (Note, that on rare occassions, due to the untimeliness of Source Data delivery, we may reissue a daily Email Alert before 9 AM EST. This Email alert will be appropriately labeled as a "Revision", from the earlier sent 8 AM EST Email).

    At a very high level, here are rules that our system follows, and what you can expect from your Premium subscription:

    • Stocks that are recommended for PURCHASE by our system are profitable companies that are very undervalued in price. We aim to maximize our portfolio performance, by selecting only quality, undervalued companies.

    • Every evening, our system will select NEW stocks to BUY, and will recommend EXISTING portfolio stocks to SELL. Stocks for BUY/SELL are only recommended via our proprietary algorithm, and are based on closing prices the prior day - NEVER on intraday prices. There will be days when NO stocks are recommended for buying or selling.

    • Stocks in our portfolio are recommended for SALE if they gain more than 15% from our originally recommended price. We strongly believe in capturing gains when they are available. Our system takes the emotional element out of when to Sell a stock for gain, which is crucial to sound stock trading practices.

    • Stocks in our portfolio are recommended for SALE if they lose more than 8% from our originally recommended price. We strongly believe in capital preservation, and minimization of downside risk. Again, our system takes the emotional element out of when to Sell a stock for loss, which is crucial to sound stock trading practices.

    • Stocks that are recommended for SALE, will never be recommended for purchase again by our system for at least 30 days, to help comply with IRS capital gain/capital loss regulations.

    • Our portfolio performance does not take into account Dividend distributions that may occur during a holding period. Hence, our portfolio performance may actually be higher than what we publish. Additionally, our system does not factor in any commissions that need to be paid to brokers, during the purchase and sale of stock.

    • Our system usually takes 1 business day to adjust to market events such as Splits or Reverse Splits. When Split events do occur, the Recommended Purchase Price that our system displays for a given stock is proportionally adjusted to account for the Split.

  • Our STOCK RESEARCH PORTAL is an adjunct website which is an amalgamation of financial internet site information, which is neatly displayed through a single, integrated interface. Via our Stock Research Portal, you can type in a symbol for any listed US company, and automatically generate over 25 FREE internet references for that company which include things such as delayed and real-time quotes and news, fundamental data information, technical analysis information, message boards, and much, much more. If you are looking to perform your own due diligence on a company, then this portal will provide you with a thorough, tightly integrated interface to accomplish this. A must, for any true investor.

The total subscription price which includes both of these Premium Services is as follows:

6 Month Subscription $ 29.95
1 Year Subscription $ 49.95

Payments can be made to EXPERT SOFTWARE SYSTEMS by Check or Money Order, or via Credit Card by using Paypal internet payment services, or Yahoo PayDirect internet payment services. To subscribe to UNDERVALUED STOCKS ADVISORY, click here. Checks or Money Orders should be sent to:

12 Ann Street
Miller Place, N.Y. 11764