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Poker Article: Online Poker Youth Destruction ?

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The act of turning on your computer and signing into an online poker site of your choice to wager, is common practice these days. A good number of these online poker sites, however, do not discriminate and check the age of their participants (i.e., no poker youth discrimination). This has led the anti-gambling community to vigorously campaign against its legality. Those against online poker gambling, insist that young people's lives are being destroyed as a result. Some of the prominent reasons for this stance, include the following:

The above concerns all carry some merit, but there are also many who favor online gambling. Some of their reasons to permit online poker (and wagering) to continue are:

In short, by regulating online poker, we would create a tax revenue for governments around the globe, and would also permit safeguards to be uniformally implemented at all websites, to ensure that underage gamblers could not be participants at these sites. Without regulation, non-regulated sites will continue to flourish, and the youth will continue to make use of online wagering sites. With regulation of online poker, opponents of online gambling will have most of their worries quelled, when it comes to their concern over youth gambling.

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