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Poker Article: Poker Bluffing

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Bluffing is one of poker's key strategies. Its unique features add a significant dimension to the game of Poker. By being able to manipulate the game, by keeping your opponents on-guard, bluffing adds a psychological dimension, not found in any other game. Determination of whether your oponents are bluffing or not, main reasons to consider poker bluffing, and pitfalls to avoid when bluffing, all play a huge part in the game of poker.

There are some major reasons as to why your opponent is bluffing, and in no particular order, here are these reasons:

There are certain scenarios that make it advantageous to bluff. These types of situations lend themselves to times of bluffing:

Analogously, there are definitely times which are good times to avoid bluffing. Some of these are as follows:

In conclusion, many of the bluffing techniques above can be used to complement your poker games. The use of bluffing as part of your poker arsenal can augment your game and increase your chances of playing winning poker.

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