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Poker Article: Online Poker Legitimacy

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The big news in the online poker industry this year was the discovery of illegal manipulation of outcomes at a reputable online poker room. The manipulation was created by a disgruntled former employee, who had created a high-privileged account on the site. This account, when used, enabled him to "see" other players' hands in the poker rooms, and use this for an unfair playing advantage.

Players at this poker site began suspecting foul play when this particular player consistently won hands, even when other players in the room had exceptionally high hands. Suspecting players had initially announced this on popular poker forum boards, and ultimately a complaint was lodged to the poker site's management team, as well as the gaming commission, that governs the poker site.

Ultimately, the poker site admitted the foul play, and specified that a former disgruntled employee had created a high-privileged administrative account (which was designed for software testing purposes) was used which enabled him to see the hands of all the players in the poker room that he participated in. The poker site investigators were able to audit hand histories to discover the improprieties that were taking place. Once discovered, the online poker site took quick action, to prohibit this activity from every being able to take place again.

Due to this well-publicized event, the online poker community has begun questioning the ethics of online poker sites. How can it be guaranteed that events like this will never take place again ? Moreover, are there are holes in their systems that would cause issues such as these ? Can poker sites be trusted ? These are all valid questions, but fortunately, there are some good reasons that the likelihood of this happening again is quite miniscule:

In short, it is safe to assume that reputable poker sites are on the up-and-up, since there are many factors listed above that warrant their honesty and ethical success. There will always be opportunities for rogue behavior on a site, but one can be rest assured that when discovered, it will be remedied quickly. The key is to patronize reputable and credible sites, and avoid those sites that are less well-known, and less regulated.

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