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Poker Article: Limit Holdem - No Limit Holdem Poker Distinctions

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Unchallengeable, Texas Holdem is the single most popular poker game played today. Essentially, there are 2 variations of Texas Holdem that are played worldwide today: Limit and No Limit Texas Holdem. A vast majority of online poker rooms cater to Limit Holdem, since the No Limit counterpart has substantially more risk (and usually higher stakes) associated with it. Some of the big-money players and larger risk takers tend to favor playing in the No Limit rooms. Even though the 2 games share almost all of the same rules, it is necessary to clearly point out the distinctions between the Limit and No Limit versions of Holdem.

In Limit version of Texas Holdem, the betting procedure is much more structured, since bets are made at required levels, and there is no way for a player to change that. For example, in a "3-6" Limit game, a player bets in $ 3 increments for the first 2 betting rounds and then bets in $ 6 increments for the remaining 2 betting rounds. For review, the 4 rounds of betting in Holdem are: a) Once the pocket cards are dealt to all the players; b) after the 3-card community flop is displayed openly; c) after the "turn" (or fourth) card is placed face-up on the table; and d) after the "river" card (or fifth) card is dealt face-up on the table. In this version of the game, players can make a single bet of the prescribed level, and up to 3 raises. It is worth noting, that all of the online poker rooms today offer many differing types of Limit card rooms, ranging from "200-400" rooms (very high stakes) to as small as ".01-.02" rooms.

In the counterpart No Limit Texas Holdem game, each player begins at a certain minimum amount, but after this initial ante is placed in the pot, they are allowed to bet anything over that subsequently, during any part of the game. Players can wager any amount of money up to their maximum in chips. Whene a player bets everything they have, at any juncture of the game, this is known as being "all in". During their turn, a player simply announces that they are going all in, and they are considered to have made a bet using all of their remaining chips, regardless of whether or not they physically push their entire chip allotment into the pot or not. You may already be cognizant of the No Limit version of Texas Holdem poker, if you have viewed the World Series of Poker tournaments on television. This poker tournament, which is the biggest tournament of its kind (as the name implies), is based on the No Limit version of the game, and has made this version an extremely popular game in online and offline cardrooms throughout the world.

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