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For the novice, SEO can be an overwhelming adventure. Although the primary search engines used today (that would be Google, Yahoo, and MSN) have well-guarded algorithms that are not available for public consumption, the search engine community has helped to sort of reverse-engineer the process, and has determined that there are many techniques available to the webmaster, to help increase searche engine ranking.

These SEO strategies, when applied correctly, can incrementally increase one's organic search engine ranking, which can have the net effect of increasing traffic to the website. None of the strategies outlined below will increase a search engine's ranking significantly by itself. However, if many of the techniques outlined below are applied in unison and properly, an expectation of increased search engine ranking (that is, an increase in the SERPs - search engine results pages) can be expected.

The following SEO strategies, when applied together, can dramatically improve a website's search engine rankings:

Finally, there are many other non-SEO techniques (offline techniques) that can easily be used, to help increase search engine traffic. We will save these topics for another article.

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