Slot Machines and Online Slots Casino Guide

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History of a Slot Machine

The very first Slot Machine games were invented by a gentleman named Charles Fey, of California, in 1887. Since it was virtually impossible to construct a machine that could payout on all the various combinations of poker hands (the original intent of this first machine), Fey built a machine consisting of 3 spinning reels, each consisting of 5 symbols: diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell. Later in the 1890's, 2 men from New York, whose last names were Pitt and Sittman, developed a Slot Machine which was a precursor to today's modern Casino Slot.

Premise behind using Online Slots or Slot Machines

Slot machines and Online Slot Machines, often referred to as "one-armed bandits", are a popular and easy-to-play casino slots online game, which gives the player the potential to win at multiples of one's actual bet, duing these slot games.

Playing a slot machine entails inserting paid-for chips or coins into the slot of a "one-armed bandit", and pulling a handle on the machine's side, which causes the slot machine's reels to rotate very rapidly. You can place as many coins into the machine at once as you want, but only the first coin is processed for a given game. This is true, unless you can click or depress the "BET ONE" button to increase your wager by a single coin. Typically, in many casinos, the maximum number of coins that can be played in any one round is 3. On many slot machines, you can press the "BET MAX" button to wager as many as 3 coins initially. To retrieve the coins that are in the slot machine but have not been processed yet, press the "CASH OUT" button on the one-armed bandit.

Slot Machine payout rules are usually enumerated on the top of the Slot Machine itself. For example, if you play 1 coin in a $ 0.25 (25 cent) slot machine and all 3 reels have similar designations lined up (perhaps, 3 Liberty Bells), this would constitute a winning game, and you may receive 80, 25 cent coins, which equates to $ 20.00. This example assumes American currency. Note that there are machines that accept other currencies as well.

Slot Machine Photo

The following is a photograph of a typical Slot Machine.

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