VideoPoker Strategy and VideoPoker Rules Casino Guide

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History of VideoPoker

VideoPoker first came into existence in the late 1970's, when the ability to combine a television-type monitor with a computing CPU became affordable to do so. International Game Technologies, a Nevada-based game company, was the first to formally introduce "Draw Poker", a VideoPoker game.

Specific VideoPoker Rules and VideoPoker Strategy

Video Poker got its name from the fact that a single player plays solo against a Video Poker machine, which visually displays a player's cards on its visual poker terminal screen.

A player wagers a stake and 5 cards are randomly dealt to him from a standard card deck, displayed on the casino Video Poker machine screen. The player has a single chance to discard any number of his received and unwanted cards, and is then subsequently dealt an equal replacement number of cards from the remaining deck. If the player has a poker hand that is reasonably decent, the dealer (computer) will pay the player based on a pre-determined fixed set of odds, based on this hand. A sufficiently good hand usually implies at least a pair of Jacks or better. If a player's final hand does not officially meet the criteria imposed by the fixed set of odds, the dealer (computer) assumes the entire wager, and the player receives nothing.

The precise odds offered by the casino VideoPoker establishment, and the minimum winning hands varies from casino to casino, and game to game. A game's criteria for winning can obviously affect a player's chances of winning and making a profit. In some games, designated cards can be deemed "wild". In even other types of games, there may be a cumulative running jackpot which can only be claimed by a high hand such as a straight flush or even higher. This obviously spices up the game considerably.

VideoPoker Picture

The following is a picture of a typical VideoPoker terminal, that you might find in a casino.

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