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Welcome to the most concise, descriptive and informative Money Market rates website resource on the Internet today. With today's murky economic climate, where is an investor to turn to, to maximize earnings and to safeguard principal ? The stock market has been virtually flat since 2000 and is on questionable grounds, the Bond Market will see its instruments continue to decline in value as interest rates nudge forward, and the housing market bubble indicates that real estate may have reached it short-term apex, and is ripe for a corrective decline.

Given the above, it may be a good time to protect your hard-earned principal, and invest in high-yield, internet-based Money Market instruments. Traditional brick-and-mortar institutions (i.e., banks and thrifts) still offer very low rates of interest. The Money Market instruments described on this site provide very high rates of return, and provide the same measure of security that banks do (i.e., these Money Market instruments are FDIC-insured). Since the overhead for these internet-based "banks" are much lower than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, they are able to pass on this extra savings to the consumer; hence, higher interest rates.

Interested in a high-yield savings account but reluctant to leave your bank? Rest assured, you will probably want a brick-and-mortar bank with an established checking account to link to your online Money Market savings account, so that you can gain quick access to your money, should you need it. This usually results in a 2-day lag to get your money, although some of these Money Market instruments allow you to write a check directly against the account.

Please bookmark this site, and return as often as you wish. We hope that this site will become your definitive source for all of your Money Market Instrument needs.

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